Open Source for robotic software

Open Source for robotic software

We want to publicly program software for robots and reward everyone who participates in the use of the software when it is used in a robot.
That’s why we created this lab, so that we can transparently program the software for the future robot technology publicly and we can all profit from this technology.

This technology is shaped by us humans and it is how we shape it that matters, so how we create this advancement matters to all of us. We want to give you the opportunity to shape it.

Artificial intelligence has its advantages and disadvantages and must be properly managed.

I have the idea that through robots people have a simplification but we must not leave everything to the industry how this industry is designed.

Robot Selcetion offers only the distribution of the systems and has the vision that people who buy these systems teach themselves this technology and profit from it. We imagine that a robot as a machine has a technique and software that a human can train and then profit from it.